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Northwest NC is building a new generation of tech talent.  Nestled in the foothills and high country of the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC Tech Paths is blazing a trail to the digital economy, leveraging world-class broadband, natural beauty, and burgeoning talent.

NC Tech Paths Value Propositions

To solve a business objective for North Carolina employers – the gap in supply of tech talent

To solve a career objective for the emerging and existing workforce – accessing high-growth, high-pay jobs

To solve a community economic development objective of Northwest NC – revitalizing the local economy and downtowns 

To solve a social imperative – bridging demographic inequities, including the rural-urban divide, that limit inclusiveness in the digital economy

Why Northwest NC?

Five reasons employers should target Northwest NC when building their tech workforce of the future:
  1. World-Class Broadband: The region boasts gig-capable fiberoptic internet access to almost 90% of residences, meaning it has the strongest internet in North Carolina
  2. Versatile Talent: A network of training and education providers offers a diverse portfolio of tech specializations to match employer needs
  3. Labor Shed: The commutable radius around NC Tech Paths includes over 550,000 residents, with VA and TN border counties adding another 200,000 residents
  4. Quality of Life: In the post-pandemic world, top talent may be reluctant to relocate or slog through the urban commute – allowing employees to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains gives employers a leg up in the talent war
  5. Social Impact: Our state and nation have been plagued by a rural-urban divide – employers have an opportunity to bridge that divide by growing their rural tech workforce

Bridging the rural-urban divide in the digital economy requires optimizing four key components.

1. Talent

A birth-to-career educational pipeline and adult reskilling portfolio to prepare, mentor, and connect a new generation of rural tech talent.

2. Employers

A national network of employer partners to shape curricula, promote careers, and hire remote employees out of NC Tech Paths partner programs.

3. Infastructure

Remote Tech Outposts with walkability to local coffee shops to provide low-cost satellite “outposts” for remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

4. Entrepreneurship

Accelerator-style training, capital, and mentoring for tech entrepreneurs looking to start, grow, or IPO their tech venture.